Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district

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HEED Physiotherapy Center and Specialized Doctor’s Chamber

Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district is diverse with a wide range of protected forests, tea gardens, waterfalls, spiral paths, high hills and the largest lake. About 25 ethnic groups, including Manipuri, Khasia and Munda live in Kamalganj Upazila which covers an area of 485.26 km2 and is surrounded by huge forests and hills bordering India. The life struggles of these people have various limitations associated with the diversity of culture and way of life.

There are thousands of tea workers living below the poverty line. Ordinary poor people of the village including tea gardens and slums do not have access to have proper medical treatment. During winter it is very cold here and in rainy season heavy rain falls in this area.  Winter and rainy season are like a curse in the life of these poor people. With the onset of winter, most people experience back, neck, knee and spine pain. Many of them suffer terribly in pain. Due to poverty, most of the time people of Kamalganj go to the village doctor of the area and the last treatment is up to the pain tablet or fever tablet.

HEED Bangladesh has set up “HEED Physiotherapy Center and Specialized Doctor’s Chamber” in Kamalganj thinking of these underprivileged and low income neglected people. Physiotherapy is given to the helpless and poor patients by an experienced physiotherapist. The specialized doctor’s chamber will also be run by specialized doctors, providing services to the poor and helpless at nominal cost.

Treatment of various types of joint pain including back, neck, knee, and spine pain is provided, and “we also provide general treatment services at low cost only for the underprivileged,’’ said Dr. Ashiq Al Azad. Additionally, he also said that at least once before the operation for any pain, the poor and helpless people of this area may visit our Physiotherapy center so that they can be benefited a little and get a good service.

This initiative of HEED Bangladesh is commendable and praiseworthy. Through this, HEED Bangladesh proved once again that HEED is a humanitarian organization. The organization works hard for the welfare of the people and its led by the Humanitarian Executive Director.  It is a blessing for the poor and hardworking people of this area that they get a hardworking and committed leader like him.

“For this kind of initiative, we think the people of this area will be grateful forever to HEED Bangladesh,’’ said Dr. Ashiq Al Azad.

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