Lepra Bangladesh and HEED Bangladesh

Agreement signed

April 18, 2022


240 direct and 1,200 indirect

CHAI Project: Partnership between Lepra Bangladesh and HEED Bangladesh

A new partnership has been formed between Lepra Bangladesh and HEED Bangladesh. This joint effort has started with the aim of providing medical services and empowerment to the leprosy-afeected, extremely poor and neglected people living in remote areas of the tea gardens in Moulvibazar district. On April 18, 2022, HEED Bangladesh signed an agreement to work closely with Lepra Bangladesh. The project will assist people afected by leprosy and working and living in tea garden areas. They are specially marginalized and geographically excluded from leprosy services under the National Leprosy Elimination Program. The 12-month project will initially work with 240 direct leprosy patients and 1,200 indirect leprosy family members. Through this project, access to healthcare for leprosy patients will be increased and empowered through various coordinated activities by HEED.

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