District's Name

Moulvibazar, Habiganj, Sylhet


TB campaign, Hand washing campaign, Courtyard meeting.

Orientation on

TB, Malaria, HIV and COVID services.

C-19 Project

Integrated Tuberculosis Care and Prevention for Enhancing Case Findings, Health System Strengthening and Sustainability:

Existing projects of HEED Bangladesh are working relentlessly to control TB in Sylhet region through TB patient identification. Bangladesh is not far behind from the epidemic that has been created all over the world due to the emerging corona situation. So, the C-19 project has given a new dimension to the ongoing project to deal with the Corona situation. Various activities including raising awareness are playing an effective role in dealing with the Corona situation. Besides AIDS and C-19 activities in the malaria prone areas of Sylhet, public awareness and effective AIDS testing are also being implemented.

Achievements of C-19: TB presumptive and case identified through C-19 (January-June 2022)

HIV report, from beginning to 3rd Quarter, 2022:

Joining Hands To Help The World’s

Some More Outstanding Activities