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Palli Karmosangsthan Foundation (PKSF)

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Moulabhibazar and Borguna

ENRICH Coaching Center:

Since Enrich Project’s inception in 2014, HEED Bangladesh is contributing in the lives of thousands of children in the remote villages of Moulabhibazar and Borguna with the Palli Karmosangsthan Foundation (PKSF). With many other program components, the school program is especially dedicated to serve the underprivileged children from the communities, who have enrolled in the school for formal education. The overall aim of the project is to provide educational assistance to the children so they can prepare their school home works with the help of the teachers, thus do better in their school. The expectations are that the children will be interested to continue their study and there would be less number in school dropouts. At present 7267 children are getting this service in 285 such community based schools. 400 teachers are engaged in the project to provide educational supports and assistance to the children and their families. In these schools the children of the communities do not only get the educational supports and assistances but receive moral educations and the opportunity to develop cognitive skills through various extracurricular activities.

During the time of the pandemic, the children could not go to schools, and their parents also could not provide or afford education and requirements because the literacy rate is very low among the caregivers. When the schools were finally be opened after the pandemic, the children were less interested to attend the educational institutes. At that crucial time the supports that were provided by the community school programs helped the children to adapt with the formal education system with confidence and ease. The community education program has proven its potentiality and receives wide acceptance among the community people in 06 Unions of Moulvibazar and Borguna. As a result the school dropout rate has declined significantly in those areas.

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