HEED MFP has reached millions of beneficiaries since its inception. Through long time operation of the program HEED Bangladesh has gained the experience that only loan cannot change overall development of humanity. By this experience HEED started diversified financial mobilization approach into the microfinance program like ENRICH, Prime, Fisheries, Livestock and agricultural development program in partnership.

HEED’s Partnership with other MFIs

  • Palli Karma Sohayk Foundation (PKSF)
  • Micro Credit Regularity Authority

Main Components of Microfinance:

  • Savings
  • Loan
  • Loan Insurance
  • Training Members Awareness and capacity Building
  • Technical Support

HEED offers two types of saving schemes – a) Weekly Savings   b) Monthly Savings.

a) Weekly Savings:

HEED microfinance group members can put away any amount of money collateral free as much as they can as weekly (compulsory) savings. By this saving, members can withdrawal any amount at any time from respective HEED branch with saving withdrawal prayer. In this product HEED members are getting 6% to 8% interest for the depositing Savings. By ending Dec -2021 HEED Members deposited amount of taka, 177, 98, 84,149.

b) Monthly Savings:

HEED is introducing a special opportunity to its members for deposit monthly savings long time with specific amount in spite of their some degree of solvency. In this product HEED members are getting 8% interest for the period of three years, 9% interest for the period of five, 10% interest for the period of ten years. By the end of Dec -2021 HEED members deposited an amount of taka, 10, 09, 58,039.


  • Ultra Poor
  • Poor
  • Marginal Farmer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business


HEED is providing regular loan support to its borrowers through their branch offices. Normally a member raises a scheme at group meeting for loan. Then the group decides and processes the application to HEED branch office. Branch manager approves the prayer and disburses the loan.

HEED is providing Loan to the group members with 25% interest (Reducing Balance) with 30 days grace period. Member also get rebate if he/she pays earlier. HEED distributed the loan 2020-2021 taka-515, 33, 55,000 taka among the 1.53 million beneficiaries. The cumulative recovery rate is 99.34% recovery rate.

By the end of Dec -2021 HEED microfinance total loan outstanding to the borrower taka 334, 31, 65,752.

To meet the needs of beneficiaries, HEED diversified its loan component. HEED makes available the subsequent loan products:

  • Shahos Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • Asset Creating Loan
  • Participatory Development Program
  • Sufolon
  • Agroshor, Agroshor MDP
  • KGF Loan
  • Jagoron
  • Buniad Loan
  • Income generating Activities
  • Livelihood Improvement Loans
  • LRL
  • Household water & sanitation loan

Loan Insurance:

HEED members are compensated with Taka 10.00 per 1,000 (one thousands) for all loans components, only ultra-poor (UP) loans premium of taka 5.00 per 1,000 (one thousands). By this amount members get amount of Tk.5,000 instant cash for his/her own and legal guardian’s death for shroud/winding sheet. Property damage, disability, heart attack, seriously wounded person, education scholarship etc. are also given help from the insurance fund. All outstanding loans are adjusted from the insurance fund if an indebted member or her husband/guardian dies. During the year july-20-june -21 HEED paid Tk. 384, 43,949 as claimed by the rightful heirs of the deceased members.

Last Five Years of MFP Program:

YearGroupMemberSavings Outstanding (Crore)Loan Outstanding (Crore)

Technical support Program

  1. Education support
  2. Agricultural Support
  3. Business supports

a) Education support:

Over the year HEED realized that if we maintain some support for our beneficiary’s children, they will be able to continue their education. So HEED started scholarship for education up to SSC and HSC levels. HEED members’ children are getting Tk.2000 to 5000 for admission and book purchase. In this fiscal year 2020-2021, 819 students received scholarship. Beside this, HEED conducted 108 education centers under Enrich program and also 8 cyclone shelter based school for coastal area.

b) Agricultural & Livestock Support :

Maximum HEED members are involved with livestock and agriculture based work. There is some shortage of technical support in the rural areas in the field of livestock and agriculture based work . As a result, our beneficiaries are facing trouble for their income generating activities. For these reasons HEED engaged its agriculture, livestock and fisheries experts who are continuously giving technical supports to our loan borrowers

Miicrofinance Team-DSC