HEED Handicrafts

HEED Handicrafts is a project of HEED Bangladesh.

Heed Bangladesh (Health, Education and Economic Development) is a Christian, non-governmental and non-profit, national organization formed in 1974 by National Christian Leaders and several Western Partner Organizations, in response to the postwar needs in Bangladesh. HEED Bangladesh at present has 22 projects with programs addressing health, education, social and economic development for the poor and the disadvantaged people. HEED Handicrafts is a Fair Trade Organization and was established in 1978 with the aim of creating jobs and employment for the poor and marginal people, specialized in handicrafts production, using locally available environment friendly resources. Its activities operate for the purpose of improving socio-economic condition of the producers/artisans and their associated communities. HEED Handicrafts provides training and education to improve producer’s skill on products and market. The activities of HEED Handicrafts are operated as a sustainable self-financed project under the guideline of the HEED Board. Presently HEED Handicrafts works on various handicrafts products. Over the last 30 years many new items have been added to the product range with the purpose to help more handcrafted producers. The main purpose are as follows: Handloom Products, Leather Products, Clay Products, Straw Art Products, Hand Made Paper Products, Wooden Products, Bamboo Products, Recycled Materials Products, Date-Leaf Products, Palm-Leaf Products, Hogla-Leaf Products, Jute Products, Recycled Glass, Ceramic, Cane Products, Embroidery Item, Palm Fiber Products, Tin Sheet Products & Christmas decoration Products etc

General Introduction

HEED Handicrafts (A Fair Trade Organization) is a self depended subsidiary project of HEED Bangladesh working since 1978. HEED Bangladesh established as a non-profit, non-political national Organization in 1974 and working with Health, Education, and Economic Development. From the beginning to till date HEED Handicrafts played a vital role in the development sector of Bangladesh. A number of artisan and producer directly benefited from this sector by assisting in local and abroad marketing. Availability of resources and skill artisans are indirectly ensuring their contribution in the national economy. In the long journey these disadvantaged people are the net asset of Bangladesh Handicrafts sector as well as HEED Handicrafts.

Goal of the Project: To achieve the sustainable livelihood of marginalized underprivileged producers through handicrafts production and marketing.


To ensure environmental friendly products.
Find out resource based traditional products.
To ensure and implement Fair Trade policy.
To assist better technology and free training when needed.
Specially encouraged the marginalized and disadvantage women to work.
To ensure better livelihood along with handicrafts products.
To right of entry in the world heritage and culture through traditional design and motifs.
Awareness building by producing handicrafts goods.

Target Beneficiaries: More than 10000 artisans of 300 groups from all over the country are the target beneficiary of HEED Handicrafts. About 60% female in the gender ratio.