USAID’s Alliance for Combating TB in Bangladesh (ACTB)


HEED Bangladesh has been working jointly with the Bangladesh Government since its inception to improve child TB, negative /extra pulmonary TB, MDR TB detection in this  area. Still there are gaps in community awareness regarding TB voluntary reporting, involvement of tea and rubber garden authorities, capacity building of tea garden dispensary personnel to refer for and DOTs. 

USAID’s Alliance for Combating TB in Bangladesh (ACTB) has designed to increase case detection rates to 90% in the project areas by the end of the project timeline and to sustain treatment success rate more than 90%. 

New strategy like incorporation of ethnic people, women, students, tea garden health workers, factory workers etc are the new strategies to make the project versatile to identify missing TB cases , 

To achieve the goal of this project the following objectives have been finalized.

       To strengthen TB care platforms with integrated TB diagnosis, management and prevention package

       To increase number of all forms TB case detection and notification in all intervention area
      To increase treatment coverage and improve access to TB services for all diagnosed patients in intervention area.