House of Hope Project


Rescue the girls and rehabilitate them in a safe home, given the new life, a new dream fixed in their mind. Build as self-reliant them. Restoration in the family and community.


Rescue and rehabilitation the girls who are physically and mentally distressed and vulnerable.

*Raped *Risk Condition *Abuse *Broken Family *Abandon*Trafficked

*Injured *Distressed

House of Hope helps the girls to grow up for their skills development and academic education. There are now 31 girls, 24 girls are teenagers and 7 girls are adults. 22 girls are studying and the other girls are in no condition to study. Inside has the homeschooling for the girls to help them and prepare them before admitting the school.

Counseling: When the girls come, they’re traumatized and cannot believe any people. We are giving the individual counseling and motivational class for developing and changing their mind for the positive. Bring them from darkness into the Light.

Donor : World Mobilization -USA & Brazil

Implemented Partner : HEED Bangladesh