With the slogan ‘Education for all’, HEED Primary School was established on 16th January, 2005. The core objective of the school is to provide children of comparatively poor and low income families, with the opportunity of education in a diversified and beautiful environment.

Families of the students mostly live in the slums. Parents of them basically are garment works and earn very little. To them, sending their children to school is a dream, and feeding them is the highest priority.

From the viewpoint of social responsibility, HEED Bangladesh started the HEED Primary School. The school is run under the supervision of HEED International School that supports it financially and accommodation.

As a school we are committed to the development of the whole child-their academic, social and emotional development.

Affiliation: The school maintains a good relationship with the relevant government offices/department including Thana Education Office. However, it has got a school code number (NGO Code # 07). From the beginning, the school collected textbooks for the students.

Faculty: The faculty body consists of experienced, erudite and trained teachers. Most of them have more than 10 years of experiences in teaching at the primary school. All of them have had B. Ed and M. Ed. Currently the faculty body consists of 8 teachers. However, trainings in order for enhancement of teaching skills are organized regularly and on requirement for the teachers

Teaching Approach: Keeping the conditions of their students’ families in mind, teachers prepare and deliver lessons in the classrooms in such a fashion that students can complete their homework themselves without asking for others’ help. Learning is fun and that part of role of teachers as educators of young children is to instill a love of learning at the school.

Curriculum: The school follows the national curriculum. From the beginning, the school collects textbooks from Thana Education Office, Mirpur – 02.

Extra-curriculum Activities: Aside from the textbooks, the students are given lessons on drawing, music. However, the school organizes sports and events on different national and international issues.

Class Timing: Classes of the primary school are held from 1:00pm to 4:30pm after classes of HEED International School are dismissed.

Parents’ Awareness Program: The school regularly organizes parents’ meeting to hear from them, and for their suggestions in order for their children’s education. Besides, teachers maintain communication and hold meeting with individual parent(s) to discuss issues related to their child’s educational improvement. On the hand, teachers sometime make home visitation in the slum areas.

Enrollment Status: However, the following is the status of students enrolled at the school over the last twelve ten years.

2005 322308   63
2006 30261806  80
2007 3930241606 115
2008 394036251505160
2009 534636282306192
2010 525140301721211
2011 424340302514194
2012 484841302518211
2013 504542362622221

Achievements in Public Exams: Students of the school have made remarkable successes in the Primary School Certificate (PSC) exams over the last couple of years.

YearNo. of Students AppearedPercentage of PassageGPA -5AA-BCDivision
201418100% 10    
201322100%2109 1 
201219100% 3862 

1st Division – 06

2nd Division – 08

3rd Division – 02

Look Forward: The school authority wants to enhance facilities at the school. It includes computer education, playground, transportation and better honorarium for the teachers which we can’t manage with the limited resources available presently. As a result, we request people and organizations to contribute for the education of the students of the school.