Artificial Limb Production Unit (ALPU) is a project of HEED Bangladesh that started in 1992 to properly serve amputees. The project is funded by TEAR Fund UK. The prime responsibilities of the ALPU are to make artificial limbs, braces and other walking aids for the disabled people of Bangladesh. Apart from provision of artificial limbs, the beneficiaries also provides with training on various issues including safety, protection and care of the disabled people. Activities of the project are held on due to unavailability of fund currently.

Objectives of ALPU:

The project started with the following object to achieve.

  • Enable the physically handicapped people, who have lost their legs or arms by providing artificial limbs, braces, and other walking aids at a reasonable price or at subsidized rate.
  • Help them to avail social dignity through providing skill development training to see them employed or holding of previous jobs.
  • Extend support and assistance to help acquire mental and moral strength for self-reliance.


Poor people are beneficiaries of the project. Children with disabilities are given the highest priority in the project. Number of people receiving service from the project is roughly 1250.

Activities carried out:

  • Training for people with disabilities, peers and care-givers on Safety, Protection and Care
  • Counseling to people with disabilities
  • Production of artificial legs, feet and hands
  • Treatment of disabled people
  • Create network with doctors, hospitals, clinics and NGOs working with disabilities

Outcome of the activities:

Beneficiaries can lead normal life. They are now rehabilitated going jobs. Children with disabilities enjoy their normal life, they know to stay protected. Their parents and carers know about their safety.